True Italian. Authentically Delicious.

True Italian
Authentically Delicious

In 1973, Racconto started with the Mugnolo family and their desire to share the distinct and classic flavors they loved from their hometown of Naples, Italy. First specializing in pasta and tomatoes, Racconto has grown and immersed itself in other diverse foods Italy has to offer like olive oil, vinegars, condiments, and more. And like our fore-bearers, we’ve explored the world and sourced some of our newest products from other countries around the globe.

From the Mugnolo Family

For over 4 generations, our family has cultivated the best ingredients and foods from Italy to share with those in the United States. We began this company in Italy to bring hand selected foods to friends, family, and patrons. We are passionate about our family, our pride, and our incredible food. Let us share that with you. When you see the Mugnolo name on the package, we assure you that the quality is like none other, its authenticity uncompromised. Explore Italy with our Racconto and Bella Terra brands. Share with your family authentic meals and flavors that only come from true Italian foods. Gather around the table. Welcome to Racconto!